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🪀Live Dota 2 - Dota 2 Live - Aster Aries Vs Magma - DPC China Winter Tour | Division 2 - Jan 2, 2021

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🪀Live Dota 2 - Dota 2 Live -DPC China Winter Tour | Division 2 -- Aster.Aries vs Magma, SAG vs XG
The lower division will likewise be exceptionally serious, with Xtreme resembling the early top choice to get an upper division spot for the following Tour, with others like Aster.Aries and Sparking Arrow Gaming looking great too with their retooled lists.
Each match will matter in China this season, and here are every one of the standings, scores, and results for the China 2022 DPC Winter Tour Regional League, which will run until late January.

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