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10 Best And Worst Resident Evil 3 Remake Features | Resident Evil 3 Demo Impressions

3 Views· 02/29/20
Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa
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Resident Evil 3 Remake screenshots got everyone talking, but we’ve now played a few hours of the game to bring you our full Resident Evil 3 demo impressions. We also squeezed in a bit of Resident Evil Resistance - the new multiplayer mode - to take a look at the complete package. Is Nemesis still scary stuff? Here are the 10 best and worst features.

It seems mad that we’re getting a remake of Resident Evil 3 Nemesis so soon after Resident Evil 2, and it’s the proximity of the releases that hurt it most: you can see the similarities between Nemesis and Mr X, and can rely on old tricks that are still fresh in the mind. But as you’ll see in this Resident Evil 3 gameplay, the game does have a flavour of its own: it’s a more action focused adventure, with higher zombie numbers and some fun techniques to wipe them out en masse. This isn’t a full Resident Evil 3 review, but come that time, explosive barrel takedowns will get a big tick from me.

After our Resident Evil 3 demo we played several hours of Resident Evil Resistance. Mr X put in a playable appearance, which was fun, but it can be quite a messy game when you aren’t playing as the Mastermind. This Resident Evil Resistance gameplay shows off both sides of the game. Once the novelty wore off of playing as a kid named Martin Sandwich, I was just longing to play as the villain and hop into William Birkin’s boots for another boss rush. Again, not a full Resident Evil Resistance review, but I hope you get a feel for the ups and downs of this strange new mode.

I should point out that we played RE3 on PS4, so don’t take any of this as word of how Resident Evil 3 PC is shaping up. Last year's RE2 remake was very solid on PC, though, so I haven’t big concerns. I enjoyed what we played in this Resident Evil 3 test and am certainly looking forward to playing the rest of the campaign, even if it is a little over familiar. Even with these brief snippets of RE3 gameplay, there’s no denying that this is another classy remake.

Thanks for watching this Resident Evil 3 preview. If you have any more questions about the game, do let me know in the comments - I’ll be happy to answer them. For more on Resident Evil on the channel you could check out my Resident Evil 2 review from last year (https://youtu.be/9il0_E5EYK0). And if you are looking for other games to play in 2020, why not watch out 2020 preview video (https://youtu.be/CTVsX04jpj4). Thanks for watching Rock Paper Shotgun. We’ll hopefully see you again soon.

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