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Donald Trump - ID2020 nationwide martial law, mark of the beast & third temple! (REVEALED)

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Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa
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There are many agendas coming through the new world order beast system:

Cashless society:

Technology evolving with the system:

Sanhedrin Wants To Replace United Nations:

Trump mentions God and Jesus but reads from script

Sanhedrin takes role to replace U.N and build Third temple:

This is why the U.N and W.H.O are being thrown under the bus:

How far will the government go to take away our civil liberties?

Google's sharing Canadians' location data with the government, but says privacy's assured

GPS tracking company scores counties on their social distancing
Social credit score system coming to America

The Truth About Easter (A MUST read)
This 'holy-day' is a long story deserving its own article but here I will condense it into a shorter version of it's extremely long ramblings.
Easter is a sacred annual holiday celebrated by the Christian people. However, when you read the bible there are absolutely no verses that suggests anything concerning this celebration.
The people have been led to believe that Easter means the 'resurrection of Christ' leading the West for nearly 1700 years that Christ rose from the dead on Sunday morning. Apparently Apostle Paul, in the New Testament, spoke to this telling the reader that this was a fable to not trust in.
In fact, the first Easter festival which was initiated several thousand years ago - many years before the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus.
The Babylonian History
The name 'Easter' is an altered English spelling of the ancient Assyrian and Babylonian goddess named Ishtar that came through an old Teutonic myth known as 'Ostern'. The Phoenician name of the goddess Ishtar was known as Astarte, the consort of Baal, who is the sun god. Ishtar/Easter was worshiped as the goddess of the moon, goddess of springtime and fertility and known as the Queen of Heaven. In fact, she is, oftentimes, referred to as the goddess of a thousand names.
Now, Ishtar is another name for Semiramis who was the wife of Nimrod. Both Ishtar/Easter and Nimrod built the Tower of Babel and chose to be the governing gods of Babylon insisting the people worship them as such. What this means is, in short, that Ishtar and Nimrod, are the co-founding authors of all of todays religions, period.
(See John 8:44, II Corinthians 11:14, 1 Peter 5:8)
Nimrod, also known as Ba'al, was and still is worshiped as the Sun God. However, Nimrod, husband to Ishtar/Easter, has other names as well. Moloch, Tammuz, Merodach/Marduk, Attis, Samas, Baal, RA (Egyptian name) and Dumuzi (Sumerian name). Truth be told, his name, like Ishtars is an endless list.
Easter/Ishtar is celebrated as the return of the goddess spring, the goddess of nature, the rebirth or reincarnation of Nature. In its legend, the Babylonians believed that a huge egg would descend from the 'heavens' landing in the Euphrates River. When Ishtar/Easter is reborn, annually, she would hatch from this egg and whomever found her, she would bless the individual in special ways. This is where the whole Easter egg hunt and baskets derived from. Interesting aye?
There are other pagan rites that the Christian people continue to celebrate as a part of honoring Ishtar/Easter. The offerings of flowers, foods decorated in crosses and shaped like stars, new clothing, and sunrise ceremonies in order to hasten Ishtars egg from the heavens. The pagan priests and the vestal virgins were new robes and new white dresses and bonnets on their head.
Here we can see clearly the white habits of todays Nuns. White dresses that woman of the west marry in. The bonnet or crown or habit worn on the sisters. The pope's white robe is also pagan attire actually. The attire of the ancient Dagon priests. In fact, according to the Sumerian tablets, when the Anunnaki god, Enki, first arrived on Earth, he landed his space ship on water. Enki emerged from the water wearing his white 'scaly fish-suit'. Now, thousands of years later, the fish god or the symbol of the fish has been celebrated in Akkadia, Assyria and of course, Babylon by the priests of Dagon and still today by the Christian people as the symbol of Christ or the Christ consciousness.

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