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Epoxy Countertops Made with Spray Paint

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Learn step by step how to make amazing epoxy countertops with spray paint, epoxy, and Stone Coat Countertop products.
www.stonecoatcountertops.com products designed for the DIY customer to go pro! Thank you!

Color Recipe:
Paint and Primer in One: Broadway
Fog edges with Orange Spray paint
Mix SCC Epoxy, Pour, Trowel, and Chop the surface.
Spray Sunset spray paint down the length of the project.
Repeat with White, Metallic bronze, Dark walnut, Yellow, Orange, Green, Sienna mist, Black, and Aluminum spray paints.
Brush in Spray paint lines to create a grain flow.
Tint a separate batch of epoxy with SCC bronze metallic powder.
Pour bronze tinted epoxy onto project following the established grain flow.
Repeat this with SCC copper metallic powder tinted epoxy and clear un-tinted epoxy.
Use the same Spray paint colors and drag these colors through the clear epoxy veins with a paint stick.
Mix SCC gold metallic powder with 91% IPA and apply in streams following the grain flow.
Fog white spray paint onto the edges

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