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iPhone 7 Plus VS Note 7 Camera Test: Bokeh, Portrait, 4K Video, Slow Motion & Low Light!

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Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa
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#iPhone7 Plus was released with big upgrade on camera, eg. dual lens, 2x optical zoom. Is it better than Galaxy Note 7, which made superb camera? I’ll test iPhone 7 Plus camera VS Galaxy Note 7 on various functions from Bokeh, Portrait, to 4K Video, Slow Motion, Low Light etc.

☞Table Shot
☞2x Optical Zoom
☞Video Test
☞Slow Motion
☞4K Video of Night View

☞Table Shot:
First, macro photography between iPhone 7 camera and galaxy Note 7.
I made a mark to position 2 phones in exactly the same place and same angle. And obviously, you can see the Note 7 camera takes a broader view the iPhone 7 plus camera does. With each camera, I’ll take 2 pictures, one with the focus on the bottle in front, and 1 with the focus on that doll.

Both cameras show decent Bokeh effect. But on iPhone 7 there’s overexposure solarization effect whereas on Note 7 the light is much softer.
Second set.So the color is lighter on Note 7 and the color richness as well as contrast is higher on iPhone 7 plus. And for highlights part, there’s no overexposure like in the previous photo.

☞Portrait Comparison
On Note 7, the exposure on face makes the skin color look natural, while on iPhone 7 plus, light is darker on face. Both showed depth of field in the level that’s hard to compare.

☞2x optical zoom
Both camera had great performance on bokeh effect and showing details clearly. On note 7, the skin color looks yellow, which is weird. On iPhone 7 Plus, the skin color looks natural and details seem to be clearer. If we zoom in, we can see note 7 camera automatically apply a filter that makes blackhead and acne less obvious and enhance the skin like a beauty cam. But iPhone 7 plus keeps more authentic details like pore, stubble etc.

Not much difference in depth of field. But overexposure is more obvious on iPhone 7 Plus.

☞Video Shooting
Again, you can tell Note 7 covers a broader range of views. Additionally, it creates better exposure on some dark area, so goldfish look more beautiful. If we zoom in, both camera has good clarity, not much difference.

☞Slow motion
720P resolution, 240fps frame rate.
Note 7 again has better exposure, my face and arms apparently look darker on iPhoen 7 plus. In addition, video looks more shaky on iPhone 7 plus, so Note 7 surpass iPhone 7 plus in stabilization. For those who like outdoor sports or parkour, Note 7 would be a great choice to shoot slow motion video on your awesome moment.

We can test slow motion with a classic method--water ballon. Still, set both phones in 720p, 240fps frame rate and record.
import the 2 video footage to Filmora video editor, right click and choose properties to check the details. To my surprise, it seems I just found a bug of iPhone 7 Plus. The detected frame rate of video taken by iPhone is only 130.99fps, while the frame rate of video taken by Note 7 is 239.97fps, which is normal. If we play the two slow mo videos, we can see that despite the same settings, video shot with iPhone 7 Plus is not that slow comparing to video shot with Note 7.
We then do another water ballon video twice to test our findings. And you know what, the frame rate of video taken by iPhone 7 Plus was detected as 200.43fps and 232.39fps, respectively. I'm disappointed with iPhone 7 Plus slow motion video because I had set 240fps, but it varies all the time. Frame rate of videos taken by Note 7 is 240.01fps both time, which follows the settings strictly.
So this test makes me worry about the stablity of iPhone camera's frame rate in slow motion mode. Perhaps the frame rate is affected by the light. The frame rate drops when we run water ballon test indoor, where light is not affluent, but it was normal when we record slow-mo outdoor.

☞4k Video of Night view
The exposure on dark area is better on Note 7, especially when we zoom in, the dark side of the building looks clearer. While on iPhone 7 plus, that area is almost completely dark. And here’s an interest part, you see, on iPhone 7 plus, the sky and building far from the camera appears in purple red color, that’s considered distortion. But the color on Note 7 looks more realistic.

We set resolution in 4K on both phones and record. In the beginning, both videos were shaky, on iPhone it’s even more violent. After about 2 seconds, they became stable. Zoom in and we’ll find that Note 7 keeps details clearer. Especially for this part, u can see it’s much more blurry on iPhone. Moreover, Note 7 creates better exposure on dark area.

OK, that's so far my review on iPhone 7 plus camera vs Note 7. Hope this video helps with getting better ideas on iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy Note 7 as well as your decision on upgrade. Next episode, I'll run a quality video editing app on iPhone 7 Plus and Note 7 and test how smooth or fast these could be. Download app here: https://filmora.wondershare.com/filmorago-video-editing-app/?utm_source=filmora_seo_channel&utm_medium=annotations&utm_campaign=Other_iphonecameratest

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