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John Wick vs Gi joes Slomo Mancage by shashKing | Indian nerf guy

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Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa
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John Wick vs G i joes Slomo Mancage by shashKing

Instagram : @shashKing

Voices dissolve outside till
peace comes writhing, and all if still
They prisoned me here
where I cuddle my thoughts, here
I rott, memories, feed on me
I picture while I lie
embracing shadows until I cry
Those awake birds I hear, that sky I miss
moon among clouds and vibrant hiss
No window to behold
morn of gold
leaves long
shrivelled mist cold
withdrawing night or yawning sun.
LOOK, it's raining above, I don't know...
come come out, they buried me deep, you know.

Closed in my coffin deep below,
got a stiff neck and a numb toe

If you haven't visited Bhangarh then it is a haunted place in India. Have a peek. Ghosts are not as boring as we all think. EVEN BETTER...check out the Bhangarh Virtual Reality Experience

As a Game Designer, creating horror is as fun as tackling Comedy in games. I had once Published a Horror shot on my channel, below is the link:-
Apart from coming up with more games and Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality stuff...I got more tricks to reload guns, especially Nerf Guns. Going to launch my book on Gerabill again.
I will soon upload the Augmented Reality Selfie with Superman video with YeppAR

shashKing The Indian Nerf Nerfer ferrrr...
#Nerf #PokemonGo

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