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KPOP REMIX | BLACKPINK - How You Like That (Areia Kpop Remix #390)

8 Views· 07/01/20
Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa
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Since 2009 that I moved to Korea permanently, I have been working with various kpop artists and except the remixes I have produced several original songs and directed kpop music videos. Areia Remixes are re-creations of the original songs by using only the vocals and the music video of the original song. The original instrumental is not used and a new one is created from scratch, sound by sound, note by note, to fit the original song in the same way an original song is written. Despite the skill and knowledge required to remix songs and create instrumentals, it's only a tiny fraction of the total production. Each Kpop product involves dozens of creative people in order to come to life and its their amazing work that gives the quality to the final product, including this remix. From producers, to lyricists, arrangers, sound engineers, art teams, choreographers, stylists and make up artists, filming teams, directors, editors and colorists to the marketing and development teams, you are enjoying the result of well planned and designed sophisticated product. My remixes step on the advantages of all that hard work and merely present a different version. By supporting the original artists you give the chance to all those creatives, including myself, to express. All the revenue from this video goes directly to the original entertainment company to support those creatives. By supporting me in Patreon, my remixes and my original works, you give me the chance to express and follow my dream, of working with, developing and creating my own original artists.

Vocal Recording, Lyrics, Music Video Copyright©2020 YG Entertainment BLACKPINK - 'How You Like That' M/V

Remix Arrangement Copyright©2020 Areia Creations (Areia Instrumental #390)

Produced by Jun Areia

I do artist development & production. I provide services in song and music video production. Find me on instagram @areiacreations
#blackpink #kpopremix #areiaremix

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