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Linville Falls - Into the Gorge - part 2

3 Views· 10 Jan 2022
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Today Em and the Gang is hiking down into Linville Gorge. We visited the top of the falls and one overlook in part 1 of our trip, now we're going to venture over to the cliffs on the other side of the gorge, and then down into the gorge. The rushing water is amazing. It's so powerful and beautiful at the same time.

For Taylor Anne's 16th birthday, we asked her what she wanted to do. "Go to the mountains!" was her reply. So, off we went - we decided to take her to one of our favorite locations while Mike and I were dating, Linville Falls. It's a beautiful location in Pisgah National Forest. Taylor Anne's birthday was filled with new sights, new favorite places, and some really fantastic views.

The Appalachian mountains are full of beautiful and breathtaking sights. There are fantastic hikes with well maintained trails, the Linville Falls Hike is a wide gravel path for most of the way. There are several overlooks, and some sections of stairs which require you to pay close attention to your footing.

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