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Timey Lives MerMazing Chats: Michael Feyrer Jr Can Sing ??!

4 Views· 01/10/22
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Today on Timey Lives MerMazing Chats we are talking to Michael Feyrer Jr...Can he sing?? Come find out! Here at Timey Lives you will find me covering a variety of songs with my lovely singing voice outside by the pool #TimeyLives #MerMazingChats #MichaelFeyrerJr #RockinBlueHairedMermaid #WildOnesUnite
#HellzArmy #NoSmallCreator #BestLifeSquad #Spoonies #GatorKnights #NationOfDomination

Welcome to Where The #WildOnes Are! I am Timey, Your #RockinBlueHairedMermaid! I appreciate you taking the time to enjoy my channel & look forward to seeing you soon!
You will find singing, challenges, unboxings, product reviews, a spoonie vlog, community building & loads of fun during my live streams! Check the calendar below for details.

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Ty for watching! I am a singer, actress, photographer & videographer who uses comedy to bring awareness to some very serious subjects.
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Let each day bring you closer to the person inside that you admire most. Let all your actions be led by kindness. Let you always be true to yourself. Let you never lose sight of your true value. Surround yourself with people that you admire & look up to and you will never be short a friend nor ever stop learning! :)

#RockOn #WildOnesUnite Always Be There For Each Other! I Truly believe that if we #RiseAbove the challenges in our lives that we can #FindAway To bring joy into our lives! We are #MoreThan They could ever imagine!

If I can follow my dreams, you surely can too! Get out there & Make them as MerMazing As You Are! I have Faith in you!

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