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Trump’s Tower Of Babylon

2 Views· 04/19/20
Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa
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Bible preachers tell you that the government owes $20 Trillion in debt which is in essence a lie. The government has no money but what you send it. Bible worshipers are $20 trillion in debt.
In the New Covenant we are to be led by the Holy Spirit, not the bible.
I was searching for truth when Jesus told me, "The bible is an idol" which completely changed my direction. After that I only sought for Him in the Spirit and He has taught me many things on life's journey. The most important of which is that He died so we could be regenerated by the Holy Spirit into sons and daughters of God. The gospel is simple, repent from living after the flesh, ask Jesus to fill you with the Holy Spirit and then be led and controlled by Him through the Spirit. The bible is only history and has absolutely no authority from God, the outward law was under the old covenant. Jesus died to redeem us from the curse of the written law because we were unable to keep it. The New Covenant is not written with ink, it is written in our heart by the Spirit of the Living God.
Have a great journey through life with the Living Christ guiding you.
Constantine (1st) beast compiled 50 bibles, legalized Christianity and set up the false prophet (pope). King James (2nd) beast, born 6/1566, 6th of Scotland, authorized a bible in 1611 that now has 66 books to control people with, an image of God's word they make to speak (the bible says). By having faith in this idol, they break the new covenant of having faith in the Living Christ through the Holy Spirit, who is the true word of God.
Ask Jesus -Yeshua for the Holy Spirit.
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