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Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa
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Welcome to WRO 2020
CLIMATE SQUAD is the exciting theme for the WRO 2020 season.

WRO 2020 overview link

WRO 2020 official link

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WRO Categories
At WRO we offer challenging competitions for everyone in the age from 6 up to 25. We have four competition categories, with their own characteristics and challenges:

Regular Category
Open Category
WRO Football
Advanced Robotics Challenge (last season 2020)

Each season the challenges and theme for the Regular and Open Category are developed together with the country that hosts the International Final. The WRO Football rules and the Advanced Robotics Challenge game are designed together with experts in our community.

For all specific rules and regulations refer to the General Rules for each Category!

WRO international final link

WRO2020 Canada
Climate Squad
13 - 15 November 2020

We will travel up North for the WRO international final this year. From 13 to 15 November, selected teams from all over the world will travel to the city of Montréal in Canada. The WRO 2020 International Final is organized by Zone01, our WRO National Organizer in Canada. Several ministries and other organizations are involved in organizing the event.

This year's WRO theme is Climate Squad. The season challenges are connected to overcoming climate challenges.

WRO 2020 previous challenges link

Previous Challenges
The WRO International Finals have brought teams from all over the world to a lot of different and exciting places. In this overview, you can discover the WRO challenges from the past. From our earliest years, not all information is available.

2019 - Hungary
Győr | Olympic Sport Park
Theme: Smart Cities
Download Games & Rules Package
View event website

2018 - Thailand
Chiang-Mai | International Convention and Exhibition Centre
Theme: Food Matters
Download Games & Rules Package
View event website

2017 - Costa Rica
San José | Parque Viva
Theme: Sustainabots [Robots for sustainability]
Download Games & Rules Package
View event website

2016 - India
Delhi | India Expo Center
Theme: Rap the Scrap
Download Games & Rules Package
View event website

2015 - Qatar
Doha | Al Shaqab
Theme: Robot Explorers
Download Games & Rules Package
View event website

2014 - Russia
Sochi | Sochi Main Media Centre
Theme: Robots and space
Download Games & Rules Package

2013 - Indonesia
Jakarta | Ecovention Hall
Theme: World Heritage
Download Games & Rules Package

2012 - Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur | Sunway Pyramid Convention Center
Theme: Robot Connecting People
Download Games & Rules Package

2011 - UAE
Abu Dhabi | Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center
Theme: Robots for life improvement
Download Games & Rules Package

2010 - Philippines
Manila | SMX Convention Center Manila
Theme: Robots promote tourism
Download Games & Rules Package

2009 - Korea
Pohang | Pohang University of Science and Technology
Theme: Artist Robot
Download Games & Rules Package

2008 - Japan
Yokohama | Pacifico Convention Plaza Yokohama
Theme: Saving Global Environment
Download Games & Rules Package

2007 - Chinese Taipei
Taipei | National Taiwan University
Theme: Civil safety, security and emergency response
Download Games & Rules Package

2006 - China
Nanning City | International Convention and Exhibition Center
Theme: Humanoid
Download Games & Rules Package

2005 - Thailand
Bangkok | Science Center for Education
Theme: Robot in Sports & Science Fiction
Download Games & Rules Package

2004 - Singapore
Singapore | Singapore Science Center
Theme: Robots in Sports

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