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Pro Tip, Seal Coat and Flood Coat

6 Views· 07/22/21

The Burl Hunter gives some great Pro Tips and shows us how to do a Seal Coat and a Flood Coat.
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0:23 Use Stone Coat Epoxy
1:09 Measure square footage
2:10 Don't mix epoxy over your project.
2:38 Always drink your water.
2:48 Make sure you have everything lined up.
3:32 Scrape the sides of the mixing container.
3:45 Pouring the epoxy.
5:05 Don't heat up the wood.
5:42 Torch flood coat three times.
5:50 Dealing with epoxy divots.
6:56 Walk slowly around project.
7:00 Walk slowly around drying epoxy.
7:20 Make a tent.
7:38 Seal Cost
9:06 Always have a small project at hand to use any excess epoxy.
9:24 Use finger to squeeze off excess epoxy.

Music: "5CentBack" by Audioautix (Source: YouTube)
Theme Music: Ben Music - Edrecord - Back to basics
Music: Greg Dahl - Holy for You

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