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3D Epoxy Drift Wood with my hands

9 Views· 07/22/21

Learn how to make a 3d epoxy filled object. Drift wood, rocks, slabs, branches, and any object can be filled to look amazing. This video will show you how it's made!
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Tools we use:

Project Recipe:
Flatten the bottom of your project to give it stability with a 50 grit metal fiber sanding disk.
Smooth and round out any sharp areas to get ready for the epoxy.
Mix SCC Quick Coat, mix in the thickening powder and tint with SCC Ocean Blue metallic powder.
Use your hands to push and fill the tinted quick coat into all the cracks and crevices in your project.
After approx. 3 hours come back and sand off the excess quick coat with your 50 grit metal fiber sanding disk.
Sand the entire project smooth with an orbital sander starting at 60 grit and working your way up to 220 grit.
Mix the Quick Coat with out any thickening powder or metallic colors, use this to apply your first seal coat making sure to rub the epoxy all over your project using your gloved hands.
Lightly torch to remove any air bubbles.
After your first seal coat use your burn in stick to fill in any stubborn pin holes before continuing.
Sand with 220 grit sand paper and wipe off your sanding dust in between each coat of epoxy.
Repeat to achieve 3 total seal coats.
Have fun with it!

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