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ABC Alphabets From A to Z | Toddler Learning Videos | Kids Learn ABC Letters With Lucas & Friend

0 Views· 09/03/23
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🤩 Help your kids learn the alphabet from A to Z with this fun educational video starring Lucas & Friends! 🦁 Teaching toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners their ABCs couldn't be easier. Just press play and let the learning begin! 🚀

Teaching the alphabet to kids can be a challenge. There are so many letters between A and Z, and they seem so abstract to young children. 📖 This ABCD learning video makes the process easier by showing pictures of objects that represent each letter while saying the letter outloud. Lucas, Ruby, Lilly, and Brody dance while showing off each letter in order, teaching kids their ABCs with ease! ✔️

What makes this alphabet learning video even more amazing is that your child will learn to recognize the English ABCs in both uppercase and lowercase. ✏️ It's super easy to remember, too, since all letters are shown with colorful pictures! With beautiful pictures and animated lessons, children around the world will love learning the alphabet (A-Z). Be sure to watch the video in ultra HD 4k for the best audio and visual quality possible. Now gather up the kids and get ready to learn! 🎯

⦿ Learn Alphabet A to Z:

00:00 Lucas & Friends introduction
0:39 A for APPLE
1:14 B for BALL
1:46 C for CAT
2:17 D for DOG
2:52 E for EAGLE
3:29 F for FROG
4:01 G for GOAT
4:33 H for HAT
5:03 I for INK
5:37 J for JUICE
6:15 K for KING
6:46 L for LION
7:24 M for MONKEY
8:01 N for NEST
8:36 O for OWL
9:10 P for PIG
9:41 Q for QUAIL
10:18 R for RAT
10:49 S for SUN
11:24 T for TRAIN
12:02 U for UNICORN
12:41 V for VIOLIN
13:19 W for WHALE
13:55 X for X-RAY
14:29 Y for YACHT
15:09 Z for ZEBRA

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