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Andre Rieu - Concert Israel, Tel Aviv - 2018 - Full episode !!!

0 Views 12/12/23
Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa

Joehoeeeee...... to all the Israel and Andr茅 Rieu fans: hereby the full episode of the show in Tel Aviv in 2018. With marvelous sightseeings, more background stories and beautiful history!

Language is English with Dutch subtitles (and some Dutch spoken words in between without subtitles)

Broadcasted by @AVROTROS in 2018 but still great to watch and to enjoy :-)

(By the way: this video is about music in a beautiful country. Everyone who wants to proclaim political opinions: do it somewhere else (or don't do it at all, because you are wrong anyways 馃槆), but I will remove reactions who are not positive, who are about 'free Palestine' or whatever, this is not a place for discussions)

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