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Audit Protection Services Case-1 Receiving a BIR Letter of Authority the Do's and Don'ts

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Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa

Cooperating and coordinating with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) during an audit can bring benefits to the government, taxpayer, and BIR officials.

Benefits for the Government: When taxpayers cooperate and coordinate with the BIR during an audit, the government benefits from increased tax compliance and revenue collection. The BIR can also gain a better understanding of the taxpayer's financial situation, which can lead to a more effective tax audit and a more efficient use of resources.

Benefits for the Taxpayer: For the taxpayer, cooperating and coordinating with the BIR can lead to a smoother and less stressful audit experience. This can help to reduce the potential for disputes and penalties, and can also demonstrate a commitment to tax compliance, which can have a positive impact on the taxpayer's reputation.

Benefits for BIR Officials: For BIR officials, cooperating and coordinating with taxpayers during an audit can lead to a more efficient and productive audit process. It can also help to build trust and rapport with the taxpayer, which can lead to better communication and cooperation in the future.

Overall, cooperation and coordination between the BIR, taxpayers, and government during a tax audit can lead to a more efficient and fair tax system, with benefits for all parties involved.

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.............................................. DEED OF DONATION
This Deed of Donation made and executed by [donor's name], of legal age, Filipino, and with postal address at [donor's address] and TIN [insert 9-digit number], hereinafter referred to as the DONOR, in favor of EMELINO T MAESTRO, CPA, of legal age, Filipino, and with postal address at Unit 101 Saga Centre 62 Scout Chuatoco Barangay Roxas, 1113 Quezon City and TIN 129 596 230 0000, hereinafter referred to as the DONEE, witnesseth:
That the DONOR, of his/her own free will and accord, hereby donates and transfers to the DONE the sum of [amount in words] (Php [amount in figures]) in cash, Philippine Currency, as an act of liberality, which amount shall be considered as a full and complete donation, without any condition or reservation whatsoever.
That the DONOR hereby declares that the above-described cash donation is his/her absolute and exclusive property and is free from any encumbrance or lien.
That the DONE hereby accepts the above-described cash donation and binds himself/herself to hold the same in trust and to use the same for the purpose for which it is intended.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto set their hands this [date] in [place].

................................Donor ..................................................Donee

..............................................DEPOSIT YOUR DONATIONS
Emelino T Maestro
Bank of the Philippines Islands
Savings Account No. 1969-0986-91

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