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Award Winning short film I Fisherwoman and Tuk Tuk I Short Film I Studio Eeksaurus

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When she discovers a pearl in the belly of a fish, a Konkani fisherwoman resigned to a mundane life of daily struggle, abandons her trade and indulges in her wildest fantasy. She buys herself a brightly colored rickshaw (“tuk tuk”) and starts to cruise at lightning speed through the winding roads of her coastal village, with her cats in tow. Finally released from her daily drudgery, ecstatic at her newly found sense of power and freedom, she is the talk of the town and her own greatest hero, when, suddenly, an accident threatens to thwart her indomitable spirit.

An exuberant, wild and joyous tale about a woman’s awakening of dormant desires, that celebrates the thrill of adventure and the triumph of dreaming big and pursuing even our most wacky, psychedelic fantasies against all odds. Soulfully told in loud color and trippy animation, the film has won India’s National Award for Animation

(- Indian Film Festival Los Angeles, 2018)

It seems like all of Suresh’s stories come from the Mumbai streetscape. The brash and burly fisherwoman that squeezed through the mad traffic jam in Worli, to get to the other side of the road, happened to walk in front of Suresh, who was already frustrated by the delay to get to a client meeting. As the narrow gap between Suresh’s car and the huge BEST bus in the front( yes, that’s what Mumbai’s bus service is called!) was too little for her to pass through, she got irritated at him for being so close to the bus. Showering him with abuses with precious animated gestures for parking so close, she gathered enough momentum to squeeze through that patch.. Eriyat, both rattled and dumbfounded, sat back and wondered if there was any possible comeback to her aggression. He wondered how effortlessly she meted out such choicest cuss words which he considered solely as a man’s license a few minutes before! She kept looking back at him to check if he dared to get back at her. But she didn’t know that he had already made a mental sketch of her. By the time he reached his studio, he had a storyline and character sketch ready!

Credits :

Story and Direction : Suresh Eriyat
Producer : Nilima Eriyat
Music : Rajat Dholakia
Sound Design : Shalini Agarwal
Theme Song : Chetan Sashital
Sound Re-Recording Mixer : Subir Das
All Voices
(Conceived, Designed and performed ) : Chetan Sashital
Project lead : Nikhil Joshi , Abhijit Budge
Stying and Design : Suresh Eriyat, Nikhil Joshi
Pre-production Design :Nikhil Joshi, Nivedita Goswami, Hitendra Singh, Shraddhha Matkar, Khayali Pandya
Character Modeling : Nikhil Joshi, Nivedita Goswami, Amar Patel, Keyur Patel, Khayali Pandaya , Aditya Raje
Background Modeling : Amar Patel, Keyur Patel, Aditya Raje
3D Animation team : Anjelo David, Abhijit Budge, Swapnil Patil, Anik Roy, Debajyoti Roychowdhury
Rigging : Hitendra Singh , Anik Roy
Prop Modeling : Nikhil Joshi, Nivedita Goswami, Amar Patel , Keyur Patel , Khayali Pandya, Aditya Raje
Lighting : Amar Patel, Devender Parmar
Rendering : Hitendra Singh , Aditya Raje, Devender Raje , Amar Patel
Lighting : Amar Patel, Devender Parmar
Shading, Texturing and Matte Painting : Khayali Pandya, Amar Patel, Keyur Patel, Devender Parmar, Ranjit Mondal
Sound Design : Shalini Agarwal, Akash Chowdhary
SFX Recording : Shalini Agarwal, Mustak Shaik
Foley Artists : Gupta, Sajjan, Choudhury
FX, Dynamics and Simulation : Nilesh Dhore, Keyur Patel, Anik Roy
Lead Compositors : Nilesh Dhore, Mohammad Azeem
Compositing Team : Vinod Shetty, D. Prakash, Mangesh Nalavade, Amit Kakrekar, Avirup Ghosh
Post Production Co-ordination : Jivan Gaikwad
Sound Studio Faculty : Aurom Post Sound
Technical Support : Praveen Parameswaran, Sarfaz Ansari, Krishna Israni, Hitendra Singh
Production Co-ordinator : Divya Sangle, Himakshi Rawal, Sakshi Gaur
Voice Recordist : Anish Nair
Accounts : Chetan Varia , Vijay Desai
Assistant Mixing : Jagdish Nachnekar
Additional Sound Mixing : Bibin Dev
Support : Mohsin Shaikh, Prashant Kamble, Sachin Mokal, Uttam Jethithore
Special Thanks :
Arun Rane,Rajib Mandal, Sunita Kathiwada, Anamika Baruah , Shailesh Chindarkar, Ramesh Jadhav, Sanjay Patkar, Paul Kokkat, Mehernosh Dastoor , Ranjit (Tony) Singh, Seema, Joel Negi , Jolly Jose , Cyrus Sasoori, Shreeya Dixit, Tintu K. Philip.

A Studio Eeksaurus Production
You can find us at :

website : http://studioeeksaurus.com/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/studioeeksaurus/
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/eeksaurus

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