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Baby Learning Videos | Babies and Toddlers Learn Colors, First Words, Shapes, ABC | Lucas & Frie

0 Views· 09/03/23

🥰 Get ready for a mega-dose of early education for kids with Lucas & Friends! ✏️ This time around it's a huge educational compilation video featuring songs about the days of the week, fruits, opposite words, colors, and vehicles. Just hit play and watch your kids start singing, dancing, and learning! 🎓

🤩 Lucas, Ruby, Lilly, and Brody are ready to explore different learning topics, all of which are designed as educational videos for toddlers and older children. Each one is a learning video for kids featuring full 4k animation and songs that teach everything from the days of the week to colors and the names of vehicles. 🚀

🎯 Your little ones will learn a wide range of things in this educational video, including action words such as running and walking, colors like red, green, blue, pink, and purple, shapes like circles, squares, and other geometric wonders, names of delicious fruits, opposite words to find out about antonyms, and red color flashcards featuring apples, roses, and other examples of red things. 🔥

◉ Tap on the time track to quickly enjoy your favorite toddler learning video.

00:00 Peek A Boo - Peekaboo
01:07 ABC Song Nursery Rhyme

• Action Words for Kids
02:16 Cry
08:37 Laugh
12:51 Clap
17:15 Run
34:41 Jump
44:57 Walk
47:37 Point out
49:12 Wave

• Colors for Toddlers to Learn
11:49 Yellow
20:36 Pink
32:39 Green
36:01 Orange
38:20 Purple
43:53 Blue
50:19 Brown
1:01:19 Red

• Learn Shapes for Toddlers
09:26 Circle
14:23 Square
23:09 Oval
28:35 Triangle
39:33 Diamond
45:36 Rectangle

55:32 Learn Vehicles for Kids
56:12 Opposites Words
58:18 Days of Week Song

✔️ Our ultra HD 4K video is jam-packed with awesome graphics and catchy music that'll keep kids entertained while they learn. It's the perfect video for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners who are starting their educational journey. Gather your little ones and prepare for a wonderful family time together! 🔆

🥰 We hope our learning videos will make it easier and more fun for your child to learn new things! Hit the LIKE button and SHARE it with friends and other family members! ⭐ RV AppStudios is thrilled to add our newest educational videos for toddlers to our collection, and one we're sure your kids will love singing along-to! 🔔 Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more free animated sing-along songs, nursery rhymes for kids and learning content by Lucas and friends! 🦁

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