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Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa

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Penal liability for making false entries, records, or reports, or using falsified or fake accountable forms is a legal concept that holds individuals accountable for intentionally falsifying or manipulating financial records or information. This can include intentionally making false entries in accounting records, manipulating financial reports, or using fake or falsified accountable forms.

One example of this would be if an accountant certifies financial statements of a business enterprise containing an essential misstatement of facts or omission in respect of the transactions, taxable income, deduction, and exemption of his client. For instance, if an accountant knowingly understates the income of a business or fails to disclose all of its expenses to reduce the amount of tax owed, this could be considered a violation of penal liability for making false entries or records.

Another example would be if an employee falsifies company records to cover up fraudulent activity. For instance, if an employee manipulates the financial records of a company to make it appear as though certain transactions never occurred, this could be considered a violation of penal liability for making false entries or reports.

Not using proper accounting bookkeeping records for tax purposes is like trying to drive a car with faulty brakes. Just like how faulty brakes can lead to a dangerous and potentially deadly situation on the road, not following proper accounting rules and regulations can lead to serious legal and financial consequences. Just as a responsible driver would ensure their brakes are in good condition, a responsible taxpayer should ensure their accounting records are in compliance with the law to avoid any negative consequences.

Penalties for violating penal liability for making false entries or reports can be severe, and can include fines, imprisonment, or both. The exact penalties will vary depending on the specific circumstances of the case, as well as the jurisdiction in which the violation occurred. It is therefore essential for individuals and businesses to ensure that their financial records are accurate and truthful to avoid the risk of violating penal liability for making false entries, records, or reports.

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