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BIR Open Cases/Stop-Filer, Tips & Techniques in Reducing Penalties

1 Views 11/26/23
Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa

SUBSCRIBE NOW. Please share your tax problems and experiences by commenting them hereunder. Also, you can request for a tax topic that you want me to discuss. The most common errors of many Filipino-taxpayers is their FAILURE to remove the "IGNORANCE OF THE TAX CODE" from the business operations and daily lives. To help and assist them in combating this DISABILITY, they need to understand and apply the TACTICS AND TECHNIQUES in dealing with DIFFICULT AND CORRUPT BIR OFFICIALS AND GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES. The TAX topics that are worth discussing include the BIR Letter of Authority, Subpoena Duces Tecum, Tax Mapping, Oplan Kandado, Tax Evasion Investigation and how to FILL, FILE. FORM (How to fill up and file a BIR Form?) To reach me, please call my mobile numbers 09173071356, 09173071316, 09399052638, 09088807568 and 09178132675 today..
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Stop. Reduce. Close. These are the objectives of those who have mountains of Open Cases/Stop-Filers. Some had received a verbal advise that 400k pesos shall be paid immediately for 400 open cases. You alone has to power and authority to STOP, REDUCE & CLOSE these BIR Open Cases FOREVER. Please inform Boyet Bas, Yljien, Fatima, Les, Manny, Arman, Tess, Jenny and Gie that the important solution to achieve the above objectives will expire on April 23, 2020.... ETM is accepting Applications For Registered Tax Specialista ... or Taxpreneur... FREE Training from BIR LoA to DOJ Subpoena will start immediately.... Send your Application-resum猫, COR and 2x2 picture to Joey at Unit 203 STG Corporate Centre, 76 Timog Avenue, Quezon City.... 09173071316 today
"Kahit anong gawin mo, mapa entry-making or record-keeping, may makikita pa rin kami." Thousands of thousands Filipino-Chinese taxpayers are voicing out this sentiments and the main reason why they failed and refused and continue to fail and refuse to make improvements to their existing problems of letting their bookkeepers and accountants do nothing as far as their 30-year problem of NO ENTRY BOOKS OF ACCOUNTS.... I find this situation so intriguing and highly questionable... Now let us learn where did it came from and how to solve this menace that lingered for so many decades. CALL ETM IF YOU WANT A FREE COMPUTERISED BOOKKEEPING ONLINE c/o Juliet @ 09228010922
Your IGNORANCE is the GREATEST ASSET of every corrupt and bullied BIR officials. To stop the BULLYING, I am encouraging Mau, Onia, Yljien, Joyce and Boyet to learn the proper way of PREPARING CLIENTS FOR DOJ-CASE INTERVIEW... In this way, the PROSECUTOR will be convinced that your CLIENT knows the in and out of his tax case... And, most importantly, why he is seeking the help and assistance of the Department of Justice in bringing in FAIRNESS, JUSTICE AND HONESTY in the field of taxation... I hope this video will help others to handle the opportunities of taxation... Be a TAXPRENEUR... Be a REGISTERED TAX SPECIALISTA.... Call EmelinoTMaestro @ 091780132695 today... Thanks for subscribing and sharing this to others..Whatever is your weather, - Letter of Authority, Subpoena Duces Tecum, Tax Evasion Case, Assessment Notices and other headaches and heartaches being hurled, all at once, to you by some undesirable BIR Officials, there is a very EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT WAY to stop the emotional, physical and financial stresses that such brings.. I am asking Len-len, Vangie, Jimson, Jerome, Ditas, Elgin, Christy and Trinie to understand this System .... this is cheap because it will cost you almost nothing at all.... Please help ETM cleanse the BIR ranks through propagating the correct and true ways in handling the DANGEROUS, DIFFICULT AND DIRTY DESIRES OF THEM... sabi nga ni Onia ''Nasa position lang sila... pero Hindi sila ang Batas."馃榾

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