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Brush Your Teeth Song - Kids Songs - Nursery Rhymes - Brush Me - Toothbrush Cartoon - Healthy Habits

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Kids will understand, that brushing teeth is a healthy habit. The clever toothbrush fights the tooth-monster. Sing along with the singing tooth. See how a hole in a tooth can be fixed easily.

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Why is it important to wash your hands? Why should you brush your teeth? And don't be scared if you have a little boo boo, - we use desinfection and a bandaid. Genki Park - a place for kids to laugh, sing and learn. Hooray! Sing along to the simple kids songs. Learn easy english. Meet Dr. Genki-Chan. Meet the helpful bird Yuyu and the two clever hand-friends. Here you find the best brush your teeth song and video. Loved by many kids.

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Let's watch "Genki Park" - A safe place for clever kids.

Learn English, live healthy.


Brush me, brush me,
I Iove to be shiny.
Brush me.
Oh, ouch, Candy!
Oh no.
Brush me, brush me,
I am very dirty.
Hh! The tooth-monster.
Hehe, hoho, yes!
Oh, some lemonade.
Jupdidupdidoo, dirty dirty dirty.
Brush me. BRUSH ME!
See you soon.
Brush, come back!
It's cleaning time.
Brush, brush!
I brush you away!
Here is the filling. Bye.
Magic blue light! Bye bye.
Brush me, brush me,
two times every day.

#booboo #washyourhands #kidssong #healthy #easyenglish
childrens song - बच्चों का गीत - bachchon ka geet - canção infantil - ਬੱਚਿਆਂ ਦਾ ਗੀਤ - 童謡 - canción infantil - 동요 - dong-yo - lávese las manos - lave as mãos - अपने हाथ धोएं - apane haath dhoen - was je handen - ellerinizi yıkayın - maghugas ka ng kamay

#toothbrush #genkipark #NurseryRhymes #brushme

Production and Music by Hörzauber
Animation by Bart Art Studio
All rights reserved by Genki Park.

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