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Dilaw - Uhaw (Tayong Lahat) Official Music and Lyric Video

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Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa

Dilaw - Uhaw (Tayong Lahat) Official Music and Lyric Video

DOP and Editor: Via Angelika Cadiente
Directed by: Dilaw Rock Band

Produced by: Shadiel Chan
Mastering Engineer: Jan Aries Agadier Fuertez
Composed by: Dilaw Obero & Vie Dela Rosa
Guitars: Leon Altomonte, Vie Dela Rosa
Bass: Jonathan Jabez R. Lopez
Drums: Olúwatóbilóba S. Omójolà
Piano: Jan Danielle Gurion
Synths: En Altomonte

Pre-Save: https://dilaw.lnk.to/presavesansinukob

About the artist:
Dilaw is an indie-alternative band that fuses multiple genres with mind-bending lyrics that stimulate your thoughts, melodies that blows your mind, and an enigmatic presence unlike any other. Dilaw started his relationship with music through rapping over beats found online. He then met Vie Dela Rosa at 2019 which brings us the duo "Dilaw"

From writing comedic skits to making music, the duo continues to spread their message to the conscious people. Inspired by the stories of Radioactive Sago Project, to the verses of MF Doom, the duo aims to make their mark in the music scene by releasing songs, forging relations, and spreading their message

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