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Dinosaurs For Kids + Dinosaur Song | Best Learning Videos For Toddlers | Educational Videos For Kids

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It's time for another awesome sing-along educational video compilation featuring Lucas & Friends! This time around we've got seven exciting videos in one, featuring everything from 🦖 dinosaurs to animal sounds 🐯🐻🐘 to the baby shark song! 🦈

Each song in this educational compilation is designed to help kids learn in a fun, colorful, and friendly environment. 🤩 Your children will develop important skills such as learning the ABCs using animal examples 🐰🐼🦁, memorizing dinosaurs using flashcards 🦕🦖, singing along with the baby shark song 🎶, and learning the Can You Say Hi song 👋. All nursery rhymes are delivered with bright visuals and lessons that are so fun, your kids won't even realize they're learning! 👍

◉ Tap on the time track to quickly enjoy your favorite toddler learning video.

00:00 Lucas says Peek A Boo
00:03 Learning Dinosaurs With Lucas
04:35 Lucas and Friends Introduction
04:47 Learn Dinosaurs for Kids
09:02 Special Gift for Kids
09:19 Learn about Dinosaurs
13:05 Lucas Pogo Stick Jump
13:17 Dino Names with Pictures
17:25 Say hi dinosaur song for babies and toddlers
19:37 Funny Cat Video
19:46 Color Name with Spelling
20:51 Do you know my name?
21:26 Colors for Kids
23:05 Dinosaur Names With Lucas
24:51 Baby Shark Song
27:06 Names of Wild Animals from A to Z (ABC's)
29:26 Birds and Animal Sounds

This amazing video compilation is perfect for children of all ages, from babies to preschoolers and kindergarteners. 🥰 Our nursery rhymes and songs cover a wide range of topics, including dinosaur flashcards 🦕🦖, the Baby Shark song 🦈🎶, ABC animals song 🐰🦓🐘, animal sounds song 🦁🐯🐻, and the Can You Say Hi song 👋. With so much variety, your little ones will never get bored. 😄 And all you have to do to entertain and educate them is press play! 🎬

Lucas & Friends, the adorable and funny animated characters kids around the world love, are here to guide your children every step of the way. ✔️ They are the same lovable characters featured in many of our free educational videos and learning apps for kids. And for the best experience, be sure to watch in Ultra HD 4K! 🔆

🥰 We hope our learning videos will make it easier and more fun for your child to learn new things! Hit the LIKE button and SHARE it with friends and other family members! ⭐ RV AppStudios is thrilled to add our newest educational videos for toddlers to our collection, and one we're sure your kids will love singing along-to! 🔔 Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more free animated sing-along songs, nursery rhymes for kids and learning content by Lucas and friends! 🔥

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