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Pencil Split Tumbler(English)
22 Jul 2021
Pencil Split Tumbler(English)
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English Way - DVD 06 - Lesson 01 - Going to the movies

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Subtitles: English, Portugues

Volume 01
Learn how to start a casual conversation, to greet people and ask about someone's profession.
Lesson 1 - I'm Elena // personal pronouns (subject) • Verb "to be"
Lesson 2 - Hello! // This Time • Regular Verbs Names cities
Lesson 3 - She comes from Spain // personal pronouns (subject) • Countries, nationalities and languages

Volume 02
Learn to apologize, to count to 12 and ask for personal information such as name, occupation, nationality, age and birthday of someone.
Lesson 1 - Dinner is ready! // Possessive pronouns
Lesson 2 - Elena is looking for a job // "Possessive case" Weekdays
Lesson 3 - How was your day? // interrogative pronouns • interrogative and negative modes of the verb "to be" verbs • negative mode in the present tense ("do not" / "does not")

Volume 03
Learn how to describe the physiognomy of a person to count to 100 and say goodbye.
Lesson 1 - I need a black coat // plural nouns • definite article "the" • indefinite article "a" / "an"
Lesson 2 - Is he your boyfriend? // interrogative mode of verbs in this short answers • months of the year
Lesson 3 - Holiday plans // present progressive • ordinal numbers • Dates

Volume 04
Learn to demonstrate desires and preferences, to fulfill a request, asking the meaning of words and phrases useful for the airport and the hotel.
Lesson 1 - Passport control // verb "to have" letters of the alphabet
Lesson 2 - Is this your bag? // verb modal "can" • verb "to want" imperative mood • demonstrative pronouns
Lesson 3 - What does this mean? // "could" • "to have to"

Volume 05
Learn to tell the time, to ask the price, anniversaries and useful expressions for the restaurant, shopping and talking about the weather.
Lesson 1 - I'd like some wine tonight // countable nouns and uncountable "some" and "any "
Lesson 2 - Shopping // "to like" comparatives and superlatives
Lesson 3 - What about me? // "to need" • "why" and "because" • "there is" and "there are"

Volume 06
Learn how to ask time and duration, to say the body parts and how you feel
physically, to describe the character and personality of one year and talk in English.
Lesson 1 - Going to the movies // comparatives and superlatives
Lesson 2 - The headache // adjectives - compound nouns
Lesson 3 - Who are these girls? // present progressive ("to be" + verb + "ing")

Volume 07
Learn how to offer help, to propose or suggest something and ask about the means of transport, and useful expressions to shop for the holidays and on transit.
Lesson 1 - Department store // verb "to want" • future with "will "
Lesson 2 - Booking a hotel // function with noun verb • "as long as"
Lesson 3 - Public transport // "phrasal verbs" (verb + preposition or adverb)

Volume 08
Learn to give and ask for information about ways
to demonstrate skills and apply for a description of something
or someone, and useful expressions about the city,
quantities and antonyms.
Lesson 1 - Which street do I take? // adverb "most" • verb "must "
Lesson 2 - Food and drink // nouns (education and gender)
Lesson 3 - Welcome back! // past simple of the verb "to be" • past simple of regular and irregular verbs

Volume 09
Learn to agree enthusiastically to advise and offer suggestions and show surprise, besides the names of household chores, useful expressions for the gym and on diet and nutrition.
Lesson 1 - Alone at home // future with "going to" functions • "will" • Expressions with "have"
Lesson 2 - You should try it! // verbs with two objects • "should"
Lesson 3 - I'm starving! // modals that express ability, permission, obligation and responsibility

Volume 10
Learn to confirm information, define the location of something in space and talk about old habits, and useful expressions of feelings and emotions and to talk on the phone.
Lesson 1 - I'm Moving Out // ??review of future with "going to "," will "," Present Continuous " and "Simple Present" • "have to" in the future
Lesson 2 - Could you put me through? // "Past Continuous" prepositions •
Lesson 3 - That's fantastic news! // "Present Perfect"

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Pencil Split Tumbler(English)
22 Jul 2021
Pencil Split Tumbler(English)
aryel · 4 Views