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Epoxy & Spray Paint Art with my hands

8 Views· 07/22/21

Learn how to use spray paint and Stone Coat Epoxy to make fantastic ART. It's fast, fun, and easy to do, learn all the tips and tricks to this painting right now!
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Tools we use:

Color Recipe:
Paint and Primer in One: Broadway (Black)
Set your mixing bucket on your board and fog with White Spray Paint (SP) to establish where your moon will be.
Fog gray, white, black, and silver SP onto the "moon" and use crinkled glossy magazine paper to give the moon some texture.
Highlight and shadow the moon by spray painting white at the top of the moon and black at the bottom of the moon.
Set your mixing bucket over the moon to cover it for the next steps.
Use black SP to fog the edges and all around the bucket to create "deep space"
Use a little bit of white SP under the moon to create highlights.
On the bottom half of your board spray Cobalt blue metallic, ocean mist, harbor blue, sail blue, navy blue, seaside, and light turquoise SP using the darker colors on the edges and moving inwards with your lighter blue colors.
Use your gloved hand to mix these blue colors together side to side to create a really neat "water" look.
Add a little bit of black SP to the edges and White SP to the middle, feather these in with your fingers.
Reveal the Moon! and let the Spray Paint dry.
Mix SCC epoxy and add SCC silver glitter, mix well.
Pour and use your chopping brush to apply the epoxy.
Chop the surface and brush the edges with your brush.

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