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Epoxy Coverage Calculator - How Much Epoxy Do I Need For My Project?

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Full Table Top Epoxy Resin Calculator: https://epoxycountertopdiy.com..../epoxy-resin-coverag

Deep Pour Epoxy Calculator: https://epoxycountertopdiy.com..../thick-pour-casting-

Whether considering the amount of epoxy needed for a Resin Art Project or a bar top project multiple factors must be considered to form an accurate estimation. Calculating the amount of epoxy needed for a given project depends on more factors than just Length X Width. Will a project require a thin seal coat? More times than not, a seal coat is needed to seal off porous surfaces such as wood. Without properly factoring a seal coat (if needed), an epoxy calculation estimation could be significantly off.

Another important consideration is whether the project will be dammed or if the epoxy will be allowed to flow over the sides and edges of the project. Epoxy allowed to flow over the sides and edges will be lost and ultimately more epoxy will be needed to begin with.

Desired end thickness is a consideration that is often overlooked. Many coating epoxies will level at 1/16"-1/8". However, many project may require a thicker coating of 1/2" - 1", especially for those projects which are encapsulating items.

In order to accurately estimate the amount of epoxy needed for a given project, all of these factors must be considered. Normally 1 Mixed Gallon (half gallon resin and half gallon hardener) will cover between 12-16 sqft at 1/8" thickness. This is an overall generalization for most coating epoxies. Each manufacturer is different and should be considered individually to properly estimated how much epoxy is needed. Our calculator: https://epoxycountertopdiy.com..../epoxy-resin-coverag is set to a conservative coverage estimate of 12 sqft at 1/8"

✩✩✩Epoxy Used: ✩✩✩

✔Table Top Epoxy: https://amzn.to/38Qpya9
✔Deep Pour Epoxy: https://amzn.to/3dehkMG

Video by: https://epoxycountertopdiy.com

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