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Football Manager 2020 | New Gameplay Features | Coming November

4 Views· 03/15/20
Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa
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Every decision counts in #FM20 with new features and polished game mechanics rewarding planning like never before, empowering managers to develop and refine both the club’s and your own unique managerial identity #CreateTheFuture

Develop a culture, work with the board to achieve ongoing objectives and plot a course for your club to progress in seasons to come. Club vision goes far beyond the boardroom; impacting on transfers, playing style and competition expectations as you look to strengthen your club’s identity and meet the multi-year milestones. Read blog: https://FM20.info/Vision

Take full control of your youth team operations in a new all-encompassing hub. Nurture your young stars from the moment they arrive at your club and through the youth ranks until they’re ready for first-team action. Read blog: https://FM20.info/Develop

A whole new way to define a player’s standing in your squad. Build in current and future playing time across the length of a contract, defining a clear pathway from Fringe Player to Star Player and everything in between. Read blog: https://FM20.info/Pathway

New roles, advice and interaction make your staff more involved and important than ever. More collaboration across more areas brings the game closer to the structure of a real-life backroom team. Read blog: https://FM20.info/Staff

Redesigned player and manager models, improved lighting and overhauled pitch visuals combine to create the most realistic and best-looking match experience to date. Read blog: https://FM20.info/Graphics

FM20 is coming November. Pre-purchase now to get 10% off plus early Beta access: https://FM20.store/pre-purchase

Follow us on Twitter for the latest feature drops and gameplay upgrades: https://twitter.com/FootballManager

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