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Good Ol' Days | Funny Automotive Short-Film | Unreal Engine 4 | 4K

0 Views· 07/16/23
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A short-film about an old man who once was a race car driver, but now, retired, he misses it and wants to feel the speed one more time... or a gruesome story about a chicken life, depends on how you look at it :D

There are many things I think could be improved to make this look better, but this had to be done in a week so it was quite rushed.

The inspiration for this short-film actually came from Forza Horizon 4. I was playing with a friend and we ended up doing a race that starts uphill with old Ford Anglias, and when the race started, we hit the gas and yet we started rolling backwards. I think the max speed we achieved during that race was 40mph. That said, it was one of the funniest races I ever did and I thought why not, let's make an animation out of it.

If not credited below, then probably made by me :D That includes stuff like animations, cinematography, camera animations etc.

Lada by http://korneelov3d.com/
Tesla S by https://evermotion.org/
Jaguar XFR-S https://free3d.com/
BMW 8 Series https://hum3d.com/

Main Character https://www.cgtrader.com/

Chicken and Procedural Landscape Ecosystem

If I forgot to credit something, then please let me know and I'll update it asap!

Autodesk Maya – Animating, rigging (Advanced Skeleton)
Epic Unreal Engine - Rendering
Adobe Premiere Pro – Editing
Adobe Audition – Sound Design

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