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Helping Daddy Song - ChuChu TV Baby Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

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. Baby Taku, ChuChu, and ChaCha eagerly pitch in to help their beloved father with various tasks. Together, they diligently scrub and wash his car until it sparkles like new. Afterwards, they happily assist Daddy with the gardening and even join him in constructing a beautiful bird feeder.

Helping Daddy Song Lyrics :

Daddy, daddy, we love you!
Daddy, daddy, we want to help you!
Daddy, daddy, let us help too!

Let’s clean the car, my darlings!
Scrub the car, that’s what we’ll do!
Wash the car, that’s what we’ll do!
Polish the car, that’s what we’ll do!
The car’s now clean, my darlings!

Daddy, daddy, we love you!
Daddy, daddy, we want to help you!
Daddy, Daddy, let us help too!

Let’s do some gardening, my darlings!
Rake the leaves, that’s what we’ll do!
Mow the lawn, that’s what we’ll do!
Water the flowers, that’s what we’ll do!
The garden looks lovely, my darlings!

Daddy, daddy, we love you!
Daddy, daddy, we want to help you!
Daddy, daddy, let us help too!

We’ll feed the birds, my darlings!
We’ll paint a can, that’s what we’ll do.
Hang it up, that’s what we’ll do.
Fill in seeds, that’s what we’ll do.
The bird feeder’s ready, my darlings!

Daddy, daddy, we love you!
Daddy, daddy, we had fun with you!
Daddy, daddy, there’s no one like you!
I love you too, my darlings!

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