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(1) Lightweight.
The standard board weighs only 16kg per square meter, which is equivalent to 6mm thick glass and only 1/5 of the weight of the stone of the same thickness.
(2) Impact resistance.
The impact strength is 10 times greater than that of 3mm thick granite, and the whole piece will not be broken after impact, only part of the impact is broken. After the acid freeze-thaw test (-25~50 degrees Celsius) cycle 120 times, there is no reduction in strength It is a good decoration material for high-rise buildings.
(3) Any kind of stone can be used on the surface.
The stone can be treated in any way to ensure that the color difference, cracks, etc. are reduced to a minimum.
(4) Easy to install.
This kind of product is extremely convenient to install and can be pre-installed according to customer requirements. Under normal circumstances, large-scale installation equipment is not required. At a lower level, only simple tools are required. This product is suitable for combined unit curtain wall installation.
Because the weight of the material is greatly reduced, it can be easily fixed to the wall by using ordinary adhesives, the installation is simple, the auxiliary materials are few, time and labor are saved, and the installation cost is reduced.
(5) Sound insulation and heat insulation are good.
After testing, its sound insulation and heat insulation effects are better than 30mm thick natural stone slabs.
The specifications of the stone aluminum honeycomb composite panel can be changed arbitrarily.
The standard board size is 1200mm x 2400mm, the thickness is: standard board 20mm, stone thickness 4mm, aluminum honeycomb thickness 14mm, high-strength transition layer and glue layer thickness total 2mm.
Natural stone slabs can be made of marble or granite. Glue high-strength glass fiber membrane on one side of the aluminum honeycomb panel, coat the high-strength glass fiber membrane with epoxy resin glue on the other side, and then evenly coat the epoxy resin glue on the glass fiber membrane, and put the stone board

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