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How To Fix Tacky & Uneven Epoxy Resin- Table Top Epoxy Tips & Tricks

6 Views· 07/22/21

Is your Table Top Or Bar Top Epoxy resin still tacky after several weeks? Read our full fix tacky epoxy article here: http://epoxycountertopdiy.com/....what-does-epoxy-not- and our full article on uneven epoxy here: http://epoxycountertopdiy.com/....how-to-fix-uneven-ep

If your Epoxy Resin is not curing after a few days, the chances are that the epoxy mixture is not going to cure altogether. This is almost always due to incorrect ratios OR less than thorough mixing of the two parts together.

As much as we wish there was a magic formula to fix epoxy, it is simply not the case. You may even see other videos online about pouring a new layer over the soft or uncured epoxy. However, this is not the proper way to fix epoxy. In order to fix tacky epoxy it needs to be scraped down and then sanded down as best as possible. This could be done with a putty knife, paint scraper or similar. As much of the soft epoxy as possible needs to be removed. New epoxy can then be applied.

For uneven epoxy or finishes with surface bubbles , sanding is usually the best way to re-create a level surface. If epoxy is wavy or uneven it could be due to incorrect mixtures. You may notice soft spots or spots that feel rubbery. Soft or rubbery areas should be scraped down and then sanded as well. A new layer of correct epoxy can then be applied.

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