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How to understand the BIR unsubstantiated claims no supporting document expenses

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Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa

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This video explained how you may free yourself from tax ignorance and declare your independence and self-reliance today. Read our laws. Comprehend their meanings. Know their immediate and future effects. Apply them timely and consciously.
How to fill up accomplish submit prepare file stor retrieve What is tax return BIR Form 1901 1902 1903 1905 1601C 1601EQ 1601FQ 1603 1701Q 1701 1702Q 1702 2551Q 2550M 2550Q 2000 2200 1800 1801
How to answer resolve prepare comply reduce protest compromise settle correct agree request appeal reinvestigate reconsider negotiate decrease abate petition BIR letter of authority subpoena duces tecum checklist of requirements complaint affidavit notice of discrepancy preliminary final assessment notice formal letter of demand a final decision on disputed assessment NOD PAN FLD FAN FDDA penalty open case business closure failure to file submit BIR form tax return VAT nonVAT sales invoice official receipt VAT summary list of sales purchases importation POS daily sales report failure to supply complete information data late registration books of accounts vAT nonVAT invoice official receipt business failure to pay settle deficiency income tax value-added tax percentage tax documentary stamp tax excise tax withholding tax estate tax
How to make accounting entries in the BIR registered books of accounts, computerised books of accounts accounting system VAT withholding income tax accounting entries
How to prepare a balance sheet income profit and loss cash flow retained earnings notes to financial statement RAMO 1-2020
Differences between individual non-individual partnership corporation joint venture one person corporation OPC cooperative income tax return delinquency taxes
What is how to compute minimum corporate income tax net operating loss carry over (NOLCO) passive active income best tax saving scheme devise approach strategy importation
Statement of management responsibility tax credit refund percentage tax VAT exempt Zero rated VAT PEZA BOI registered
How to reduce decrease lower zero out cancel surcharge interest compromise penalty annual registration fee
How to use computer-generated third party information data warehouse mission order POS surveillance tax mapping oplan kandado mission order to taxpayers' advantage benefit VAT invoice Ease of paying taxes
How to register update apply activate transfer inactivate renew correct terminate cancel change amend BIR certificate of registration TIN taxpayer identification number tax return BIR Form VAT cooperative corporation single sole proprietorship business employee partnership joint venture estate trust employer address civil status RDO books of accounts commercial invoice VAT nonVAt sales invoice official receipt purchase invoice receipt
How to accounting bookkeep interpret record report explain support VAT nonVAT gross income revenue receipts sales deductible non-deductible expenses capital regular assets goods properties personal commercial bank loans liability cost of sale service goods manufactured sold active passive income bank deposit withdrawal professional fee rental lease depreciation advertising compensation wages allowances de minimis fringe benefits SSS PHIC HDMF third party information insurance optional standard deduction interest research and development taxes license transportation travel government certification local government taxes ordinary allowable itemized deduction non-taxable income subject to final tax vat exempt regular special sale purchase returns allowances discounts

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