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INSPIRATIONAL COUNTRY SONGS - Poor Man's Prayer, Playlist.

4 Views· 04/18/22

0:00 Dance (Poor Man's Prayer)
3:34 Broken Piece
8:10 Forgiven and Forgotten
12:25 Angel Watching Over Me
16:29 Be Thou My Vision
19:56 Candle and Fire
23:49 Devoted and True
28:12 Everything Works Together For Good
33:21 Evolution or Creation
37:35 Faith Will Lead You
41:04 Father, You Are Faithful
46:30 Fill My Heart
50:00 Downstream
54:31 I Know You're There
59:23 I Sing For Life
1:03:17 In God We Trust
1:07:50 God Bless, Godspeed
1:12:34 God Loves Gospel Country
1:16:42 Keep My Heart Loving You
1:20:37 Lead Me, Lord
1:24:55 Let Me Soar Above The Storm
1:29:02 Let There Be Love
1:33:08 Igorot Cool and Smart
1:37:39 Jesus Is The Life
1:42:02 Story of A Little Girl
1:46:09 Miner's Child
1:51:08 Make Me a Vessel of Your Home
1:55:30 We Heal As One
1:59:43 My Beautiful Cordillera Range
2:03:28 Slow Down
2:07:59 Hallelujah God My King
2:12:23 He Will Lead My Path

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