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Learn Colors For Kids | What Color Is It? | Educational Video For Babies & Toddlers To Learn Col

0 Views· 09/03/23
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🖍️ Enjoy a fun and hilarious sing-along song all about colors made just for kids! 🦁 Lucas, Ruby, and their adorable friends join in to explain everything children need to know about colors in a catchy nursery rhyme form. 🎨 Before you know it, your little ones will know all about colors, animals, and more!

In this song kids will learn colors using examples from nature, including animals, birds, fish, and insects. 🍭 Each one shows a fun representation of the color to make it easy for kids to make the mental connection—red apples and ladybugs, yellow ducks and bees, etc. 🌈 It’s a great way to make the colors pop to life, and it will also teach kids, toddlers, and even babies names of common animals! 🤩

🖌️ Get ready to dance, play, sing and learn with this colors song for children. Presented by Lucas & Friends in ultra HD 4k for the best in audio-visual quality! ✔️

00:00 Lucas & Friends Intro
0:12 ❤️ Red - The ladybug and the crab are red.
1:35 📙 Orange - The fish and the giraffe are orange.
1:51 🟡 Yellow - The duck and the bee are yellow.
4:07 🍏 Green - The parrot and the frog are green.
5:21 🔷 Blue - The butterfly and the dolphin are blue.
6:39 🟪 Purple - The octopus and the umbrella are purple.
7:56 🌸 Pink - The pig and the flamingo are pink.
9:11 🟤 Brown - The kangaroo and the monkey are brown.
10:26 🐀 Gray - The mouse and the elephant are gray.
11:45 ⚫ Black - The sheep and the spider are black.
12:59 🤍 White - The snowman and the rabbit are white.

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