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Learn Your ABC's With Lucas | Learn Alphabet A-Z | ABCD Drawing, Painting & Coloring for Ki

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✏️ Learning all the letters of the alphabet is hard enough. There are so many of them, they all look different and make different sounds, and they have to go in a certain order! ✔️ Make learning the ABCs fun with this animated video featuring kids' favorite characters, Lucas, Ruby, Lilly, and Brody. 🦁

🤩 Toddlers, preschoolers, and kids in kindergarten love learning new things, especially with Lucas & Friends. This comprehensive video draws each letter of the alphabet (A to Z) alongside objects that begin with that same letter. Every one is followed by a funny activity to help reinforce learning, making it super easy for kids to remember what they've seen. 🎯

📌 Learn the ABC with words, objects, and funny lyrics. Children learn best when they're entertained, and with this video, they'll learn a lot! Help your kids get an education by learning all of the letters from A to Z in English today!

⦿ Learn Alphabet A to Z:

00:00 Lucas & Friends Intro
00:10 A is for Airplane
01:05 B is for balloon
02:26 C is for cat
03:17 D is for dog
04:07 E is for elephant
05:20 F is for frog
06:10 G is for guitar
07:01 H is for horse
07:50 I is for ice cream
08:43 J is for jellyfish
09:35 K is for kangaroo
10:51 L is for lion
11:41 M is for monkey
12:39 N is for neckless
13:30 O is for octopus
14:24 P is for pig
15:14 Q is for quail
16:08 R is for rabbit
17:24 S is for snowman
18:18 T is for tiger
19:09 U is for umbrella
20:24 V is for van
21:15 W is for whale
22:08 X is for xylophone
22:57 Y is for yo-yo
23:47 Z is for zebra

⭐ Hope you enjoy the fun baby & toddler learning video to learn new words and improve vocabulary. If our video entertains your child and makes them happy, please hit the LIKE button. SHARE it with your friends and family members so that more and more kids can sing and have fun. 👍 SUBSCRIBE to our channel to watch our other nursery rhymes, kids songs, and educational videos for children and parents. 🔔 And make sure you turn on the bell icon to get notified as soon as our new videos come up. 🔥

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