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New Movie | My Girlfriend is a Ghost | Love Story film, Full Movie HD

2 Views· 05/14/22
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Synopsis: The Romance Movie "My Girlfriend is a Ghost" is about a fantasy love story similar to Gost Wisperer. It's said when a person died, the soul will wander in the first seven days. Unless his last wish was fulfilled, he can only be reborn. Chen Bo is a Ghost Whisperer who can see ghosts. So a virgin ghost, a chatter ghost and a girl ghost, Casey, who is seeking for love, find him for help. During the days with Casey, They both fell in love with each other, but Casey's First Seven Days will soon end. How can they do in the end?

Studio: Duolin Media
Producer: Lan Jing, Zhou Yang
Director: Lin Jie
Writer: Lin Jie, Wang Lin, Zheng Peng
Starring: Yuan Fufu, Qin Wen
Genres: #Romance, #Fantasy, #LoveStory

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