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Oscar-nominated CG animation on prejudice |

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When it is time to pay the check at a chic Parisian brasserie, a stiff businessman realizes, with horror, that he's forgotten his wallet. How is going to pay the check?

The animation was directed by the great French Animator Fabrice O. Joubert, known for his work on "The Prince of Egypt", "Wallace & Gromit", "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", "Despicable Me" and "A Monster in Paris".

This french animated short film won numerous awards and was nominated at the Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Animated Short Film in 2010


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Original title - French Roast
Directon - Fabrice O. Joubert
Production - Pumpkin Factory & Bibo Film
Writer - Fabrice O. Joubert
Music - Olivier Lliboutry
Year - 2008

© Licensed by Premium Films

#kiskis #cgi #animatedshortfilms #frenchcinema #comedy

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