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ROUTINE | Animation short film 2017

0 Views· 07/16/23

Made by Valeria Dakhovich (Molchanova)
Advisor - dr hab. Bartosz Posacki
Sound - David Dakhovich, Valeria Dakhovich (Molchanova)
Rotoscope reference - Leksii Drubych, Valeria Dakhovich (Molchanova)
Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Affter Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Procreate App.
Instytut Sztuki UO,
Opole 2017

This animation is about a young man trapped in a daily routine where every single day is so very similar to the previous one. There are no happiness, satisfaction and love for a long time in his life because of such a routine days, weeks, months and even years.
One day, his ordinary life has taken on a visible form. The routine has looked like a strange monster that is daily growing. His arms and legs are getting longer and sight is getting more threatening. The immutability of the young man’s life caused monster to grow fast with every day of his life. The monster has been always beside a tired man and did not leave him even for a single moment. Even more, this routine has began to control man’s life and now it’s too late - there is no chance to change something ...

Every one of us has probably had that kind of routine days. It depends on our patience, strength and decisions if we want to withstand the effect of this problem and change something in our lives.

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