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SERU Complete Mock Test of TPH driver Handbook (10 section)

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Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa



All answers MCQS
1.Minimum age to apply for a PHV Driver's licence?
2. Do you need to read emails and letters from TfL and respond to them once your licence has been issued?
Yes, it’s very important
3. What to do if you're exempt from wearing a badge?
Ans. You should keep all da time exemption certificate with you.
4. You may be exempt from supplying a medical form in support of your new PHV driver application if you: (2 correct answers)
Have a provisional DVLA Group 2 licence or a valid, current pilot’s licence issued by the Joint Aviation Authorities
Have a current London taxi driver licence
5. Can a licence be suspended or revoked with immediate effect?
Answer: yes
6. What to do if someone is violent or aggressive towards you?
Answer: Report the incident to the Police as soon as possible
Do operators need to keep details of complaints made to them?
Answer, Yes, details of all complaints
7. Can you get into the back seat of your vehicle while you have passengers on board?
Answer No, unless it’s an emergency
8. When driving you must be aware of your responsibilities under?
Ans. The Highway Code
Question 9.
Answer: PHV drivers should not stop in any place where they might stop other vehicles moving or be danger to other road users.
Question 10. (2 correct answers
On single and double red lines
In places where loading is not allowed (shown by marking on the kerb
Question 11
Answer Yes, this can be illegal on a public road
Question 12
Answer: Buses Taxis Cycles
Question 13.
Answer: Yes but drivers must not wait for a passenger where restrictions apply
Question 14.
Answer: No
Question 15.
Ans: May suspend or revoke your PHV driver licence.
Questions 16.
Ans; Report it to the Police
Question 17.
Ans: Contact TFL immediately
Answer: The person on the DVLA’s records as the owner of the vehicle

All ans. Mock test of 10 SECTION, drag and place.”
1: Before starting any journey, you should make sure you have a clear view through the windscreen and windows of your vehicle and that no devices or signage( reduce ) or obstruct your view.
2: To work as a London PHV driver you will need to be licensed by TfL only then can you carry out bookings for a London private hire operator that is also licensed by TfL
3: When carrying a violent or aggressive passenger you should have a pre-planned way to excuse yourself from a difficult situation, for example, you can’t help them but perhaps someone at the address you are( taking ) them to can sort the problem out for them
4: Tiredness can have a similar effect on a driver as drinking alcohol and can result in death or serious injury. Plan your day to include regular breaks from driving and do not begin a ( journey ) if you are already tired. 5: If something happens to you, tell your operator and if necessary also call the police and/or an ambulance( depending ) on the incident. It is important to( record ) and report incidents that almost happened,
6. When you get your licence to work as a London PHV driver, there are a number of rules and policies that you need to know
Question 7: A PHV is not a taxi. If a road( sign ) shows that access is for a taxi you are not( allowed ) access. For example a bus lane sign or electric taxi( charging ) point sign
8: If you own a PHV you must tell TfL within ( 72 ) hours of any collision that( affects ) the safety, performance
9: As a driver it is important to be( aware ) of children and adults at risk, be concerned about their ( well ) being, kind( and ) considerate.
10: All ridesharing ( journeys ) must be booked with a licensed London PHV operator. As a London PHV ( driver ), you can only carry out ridesharing bookings that you ( have ) received from a licensed London PHV operator.
11: You should not leave your any( engine ) running while you are waiting. If your engine is running while you ( are ) parked or waiting you are polluting the environment
12: You must not ( encourage ) any member of the public to ( approach ) you or your PHV if they don’t ( have ) a valid booking
13: The Information Commissioner’s CCTV Code of Practice requires that ( signage ) must be displayed where CCTV is in ( operation ). TfL requires all PHVs fitted with a CCTV system to display the sign shown below ( somewhere ) that is easy for passengers to see
14: You ( must ) tell TfL immediately if you are arrested, ( charged ) with, convicted or cautioned for ( any ) crime
15: Think about the maneuvers you make, and ( make )sure they are safe. This includes things like looking carefully when ( pulling ) out of junctions, turning across traffic or( passing ) cyclists or motorcyclists.
16: If TfL or the police get( complaints ) about driver behavior, they will investigate and, depending on the sort of complaint they receive, it could result in licensing( action ) or prosecution

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