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Sheep farming in the Philippines | Sheep farming part 1 #Agribusiness

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Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa

Sheep farming in the Philippines. Sheep farming part 1. Agribusiness How It Works.

Sheep breeding and cattling in the philippines has started to gain a good reputation in the market and the demand on sheep meat is getting higher. Sheeps are easier to take care of because of low cost maintenance and they breed the same number as goats do.

Tips on starting the sheep business
You must have a strategical location that is near the food and water supply and not nearby residential houses.
The best to start is 5 female sheep and 1 male sheep.

(08) 552-3651 or (083) 552-2663 General Santos City

Agribusiness How It Works Philippines. Agriculture and Agribusiness opportunities for the Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) and their families. Instruct. Inspire. Succeed.

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