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Super Bowl LIII - Pepsi Halftime Show feat. Maroon 5 & SpongeBob SquarePants (Director's Cu

0 Views· 12/12/23
Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa

For the percentage unaware, the NFL and panzy Roger Goodell, as well as unreliable Maroon 5, promised the whole world that during this year's Super Bowl halftime show, they would pay tribute to SpongeBob creator Stephen Hillenburg since he passed away a few months ago tragically from ALS, by playing the iconic "Sweet Victory," in its entirety.

However, myself, as well as several other fans out there were spit on and insulted when after hearing a mere 10 seconds of audio, they cut to a shirtless Adam Levine dancing with some current trash rapper named Travis Scott. What a way to go back on your promise, as well as stab and disrespect many of heartfelt fans around the world.

I will now explain my frustration and childhood disappoint through various altered iconic SpongeBob quotes: "Super Bowl is unfair. Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Roger Goodell are in there. Standing at the concession. Plotting their oppression. They had it set to M for Maroon, when it should have been set for W for what we wanted in the first fucking place. How could you Goodell? You promised us all Sweet Victory, but all I heard was...Cheapy The Cheapskate. Last night were were all duped AND shmeckledorfed. That's not even a word and you'll all agree with me! NFL calls this one bold and brash, while we all know it's more like it belongs in the trash." I should have expected such a sick, and disgusting move on Goodell's part. This is the same wuss who got Beyonce for the 2013 Halftime Show, when everyone in the poll online voted and WANTED Van Halen.

So, to fix things up, I altered history a little bit, went back in time, and have presented all of you with the Director's Cut of the performance from last night's half time as it SHOULD be. Enjoy, and Rest In Peace, Stephen McDannell Hillenburg. Thanks for giving me and millions of others across the globe a childhood. NOTE: THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES! I WANTED TO PAY RESPECT TO STEPHEN HILLENBURG! ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO DAVID GLENN EISLEY, BOB KULICK, ERIC SINGER, NICKELODEON, VIACOM, PARAMOUNT, NFL, AND MAROON 5.

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