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TARBOY animation - an epic, animated short film/ 2D Flash animation

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Music by Hania Zdunek: http://www.youtube.com/TheHaniaShow
Voice by VoiceOvertoGo: http://www.voiceovertogo.com
Sponsored by Newgrounds.com - Watch the FLASH version here http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/509092

Tarboy is an epic animated short film about explosions and fighting robots. It was completed in 2007 as part of my honours study at the Griffith Film School, and released online in 2009. It was my second real film, after completing Purged the year before. 2D Animation was entirely in Adobe Flash (now animate). A sequel was in production, but I'm no longer actively working on it.

A lot of you are asking about Tarboy 2. I made a statement on my facebook page detailing the situation. Here it is below:


Just commenting to say that I know a tonne of you are waiting for Tarboy 2. It's not my intention to string anyone along and milk your patience by posting Tarboy related art like this. I've kept quiet for good reason, but I'm planning to release a video at some point this year explaining the situation with the project along with some video from two Tarboy projects that never made it.

Just to pre-empt any speculation on what went wrong, there was a serious Tarboy game project in the works with an overseas development team, a well known game designer and a major party’s involvement. (TO avoid any confusion, NOT the game I am currently working on with Jay Watts). Part way through the project, the developer had broken a critical agreement, and hadn’t delivered to what I felt was a passable standard.

At this stage, contractors were in dispute with the developer over pay, and the game designer had left, having not received his first cheque. I had already spent close to a year building a trailer for pitch materials, as well as the assets for the first level and much of the character animation. The developer did not accept my wish to terminate the project, and I spent many more months digging myself out of the legal hole to get the game rights back. It was an exhausting time.

Shortly after this, I began work on Tarboy 2, but I was burning out. I completed the first main sequence, but didn’t feel the quality was up to scratch, so I pulled the plug.

I'm not working on anything Tarboy related currently, and I can't realistically see myself getting back to it anytime in the short to medium term. I'm more interested in doing smaller stuff like this, and see where it takes me. Honestly, working on anything Tarboy related is a bit of a mindf**k, juggling my own expectations on it, while knowing that the most dedicated of you have been waiting years. This isn't to crap on anyone who's asked about Tarboy 2, I did promise you guys a sequel. But I need to detach Tarboy from all this bad history, and moving forward, I can’t have this promise lingering at the back of my head any time I post something to the public. Hopefully this post will unglue some creative blockages and take some weight out of it all. I can't give any more details at the moment, hopefully you all understand! Thanks for sticking around!


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