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TFL SERU - Section 3: Carrying out Private Hire Journeys

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Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa

Private hire services play a crucial role in London's transportation network, catering to both residents and visitors. London PHV drivers must adhere to specific guidelines, including accepting bookings only from licensed operators. TfL's website offers a public register for verifying details of licensed private hire drivers, vehicles, and operators.
It's crucial for drivers to avoid bookings from unlicensed operators, ensuring passenger safety. PHV drivers should not pick up passengers on the street without a prior booking and must refrain from signaling availability without a confirmed reservation.
Before each journey, operators must record essential details such as booking date, passenger name, pickup location, destination, agreed fare, driver identification, and vehicle details. Drivers should inform their operators of any changes, emphasizing communication regarding alterations to the final destination.
Late-night venue operators with a license can only take bookings within their designated location. Drivers should uphold responsible behavior, considering the impact on the environment and residents. Complaints about driver conduct may lead to investigations by TfL or the police, potentially resulting in licensing actions or prosecution.
Airports, as private property, set their own rules. Heathrow Airport, for instance, has specific byelaws. PHV drivers must have a booking to enter airports for passenger pickups and should use official car parks when picking up passengers.
London licensed PHV drivers may perform private hire bookings outside Greater London if accepted by a licensed London PHV operator. Fares are determined by operators, and drivers must ensure passengers are aware of the agreed or estimated fare. Operators handle fare adjustments for changes in destination, additional passengers, or extra luggage.
Drivers should remind passengers to check for lost items at the end of journeys and promptly report any found property to operators. Vigilance against suspicious items or behavior, along with immediate reporting to the police, is crucial for ensuring safety.
In situations where carrying out a booking becomes challenging due to safety concerns, drivers should communicate politely with passengers and inform operators promptly. Refusing passengers based on disability is strictly prohibited, emphasizing the importance of equality and disability awareness.

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