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The Vaccined Stream!! @PlayApex - Season 9 Live # 001 #ConsoleTime! #19AT via @mobcrush

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I got vaxxed and me feeling really poopy :)

--- Description: ---
Aging nerd tries to play FPS games with his tiny keyboard while his kids roast him about it :)
Most streams are a family affair, so you'll hear them pop in and out. Right now, I am streaming to multiple platforms to reach as many folks as much as possible; however, my main interactions will occur on Youtube: https://is.gd/7vvrjl Subscribe to keep up to date with livestreams and stuff!

“Hi all, thanks for joining me, I'm a Father, a gamer, a liker of all things tech.
Join me and my family on our journey to figuring out this whole gaming thing, this whole streaming thing, this whole everything thing! We’re not all ‘there’ but, we are One Big Janky Family!
Currently, I'm playing a lot of Apex Legends but I will dabble in other games too, stay tuned.”
--- Equipment (contains affiliate links) ---
• Keyboard: https://kit.co/erreip_/what-i-....use-currently/drop-o
• Mouse: https://kit.co/erreip_/my-stre....aming-stuffs/logitec
• “Webcam”: https://kit.co/erreip_/my-stre....aming-stuffs/lg-v20-

--- Music, Audio, Visual Assets, Tips, Tutorials, Inspiration and other resources, past, current and future: ---
• OBS: https://obsproject.com/
• Crpack - https://is.gd/T9pbkA
• StreamElements - https://streamelements.com
• Gaming Careers - https://is.gd/OXenWE
• nutty - https://is.gd/GmpKH7
• Alex Pardee - https://www.alexpardee.com/
• Kyle Stetz - @kylestetz, http://typedrummer.com
• Michael Feyrer Jr. - https://www.youtube.com/c/MichaelFeyrerJr
--- TIPPING (if you’re into that sort of thing) ---

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