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Toddler Learning Video with Lucas & Friends | Toddlers Learn ABC, Colors & Songs | Videos Fo

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Give your kids an amazing learning opportunity they'll love with a huge educational song compilation! 🌟 This 60-minute video features fully animated sing-along nursery rhymes that help kids learn their ABCs, numbers, shapes, colors, vehicles, and more, all with fun rhyming songs and featuring the learning pals toddlers and children around the world adore, Lucas & Friends! 📚

Bursting with captivating learning activities and delightful surprises, this educational video for kids promises an enriching and entertaining experience that's perfect for young minds. 🚀 From the timeless ABC Song to interactive rhyming games, colorful learning sessions featuring numbers, vehicle names, colors, and shapes, and even some surprise easter eggs for kids and parents, every moment is designed to both teach and entertain, making it the perfect way to help your kids learn while they have fun. 🤗

🔆 How your kids will learn and play in this educational video for toddlers:

🎈 Watch as Lucas & Friends pop balloons and juggle balls
🎶 Join the ABC Song for cognitive skill enhancement, singing and learning in harmony
🔎 Play Find The Object, where observation skills are sharpened through fun challenges
📚 Explore the world of opposite words through engaging activities, laying a strong foundation for language development.
🐄 Learn new words with the E-I-E-I-O Lucas Toy Song
🧩 Other puzzles, nursery rhymes for toddlers, and surprise easter eggs

◉ Play the educational video for toddlers from beginning to end, or tap the timestamp below to skip straight to your child's favorite learning video:

00:00 Lucas, Friends & Surprise Eggs
01:18 ABC Song Nursery Rhymes
03:03 Pluck Mouth Sounds
03:58 Fun Activities for Kids
07:18 Lucas as a Talking Toy
08:12 Opposite Word (In-Out)
12:14 E-I-E-I-O Song | Toddler Fun Learning
14:30 Learn Numbers 1 to 10
16:02 Let's go to the Musical Parade
16:27 Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids (Elephant)
17:26 Party Whistle - Noisemakers
18:24 Opposite Words in English (Open-Close)
21:28 Brush Your Teeth Song with Lucas & Ruby
22:39 Lucas' Family Members (My Family)
24:40 Balloon Popping to Learn Colors
27:29 Animals Food They Eat
29:13 Opposite Words for Kids (Up-Down)
30:57 Lightning Toy Music
35:29 Find the Animal (Pig)
36:42 Antonym Word (Fast-Slow)
39:54 Brush Your Teeth Poem with Brody & Lilly
41:27 Learn Opposite Word (Big-Small)
44:01 Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids (Dinosaur)
46:01 Learn the Number One | 1
47:36 Surprise Toys & Learn Names
49:29 Learn Number Two | 2
50:51 Opposite Word (Left-Right)
52:00 Number 3 | Learn to Count
53:00 Shape Song for Kids
55:02 Learn Number Four 4
56:39 Vehicle Names for Babies
01:02:48 Learn to Count and Write Number 5

Our ultra HD 4K video is jam-packed with awesome graphics and catchy music that'll keep kids entertained while they learn. 📺 It's the perfect video for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners who are starting their educational journey. Gather your little ones and prepare for a wonderful family time together! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

We hope our learning videos make it easier and more fun for your child to learn new things! 🥰 Hit the LIKE button and SHARE it with friends and other family members to spread the joy! 🔔 And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more free animated sing-along songs, nursery rhymes for kids and learning content by Lucas & Friends! 🦁

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