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TWG7 EPIC Entry To Michael Feyrer's B-Roll Smackdown Round 1 Vote for me :)

6 Views· 01/10/22
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Here is a Vid I'm proud of that I posted Recently "Timey Sings Miss Celie's Blues (Sister) Celebrating Keely's Birthday"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYH6iIbULxc --~--
After watching, please go watch the others & VOTE HERE: https://youtu.be/q800JRJCkiQ

Yep! I have Entered Michael Feyrer Jr's B-Roll Smackdown! Please Watch! Enjoy & Vote for me :)

#NoSmallCreator #BRollSmackDown #MichaelFeyrerJr #SmuleNation #RockOn #WildOnes #YTMusicNetwork #ButterflySquad #IBeWeave #FreakNation4Life #GatorKnights #NationOfDomination #RantJamz #Spoonies #WorldWideCollab

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Ty for watching! This channel consists of Unboxings, Product Reviews, "Life Goes On" Vlog about my life with fibro, Some gaming clips(mostly FAILS) & last but in no way least, my Project365. I have made a commitment to myself to record & post at least 365 music videos within the next 365 days.

Please leave any song requests or questions for me to answer in my Vlog in the comments section or email them to me @ Timeywimeygirl7@gmail.com & I promise to do my best when I sing/answer them ASAP.

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To Learn More about Fibro & How it's affected my life

Thank you very much for watching & have a wonderful day!

When I did this with photography, I had over 1600 photos by the end of the year! This project365 will not go that high but we are down to less than 100 at this point! This has been an amazing challenge that has honestly been really hard physically on me but so easy for me to keep going because it has brought so much joy to my life including a fantastic group of subscribers(many of whom I consider friends) If you want to join me on this amazing journey I find myself on here on youTube, all you need to do is subscribe & drop me a note to say Hi! I will always respond!

I do believe firmly that we small YouTubers need to support each other. There is loads of talent out there...let's share that with the world :) Please check out my channel & if you enjoy, subscribe. I will gladly check your channel out also but I make no promises for subbing. I will not unsub prior sub4subs but I have found that it is best to have subscribers that actually enjoy my channel subscribe as well I do the same. You will always be able to see that I am a subscriber to you though as my subs are public to whom I have subscribed to. Unfortunately, I have been burned too many times with sub4subs so I no longer will do them.

Let each day bring you closer to the person inside that you admire most. Let all your actions be led by kindness. Let you always be true to yourself. Let you never lose sight of your true value. Surround yourself with people that you admire & look up to and you will never be short a friend nor ever stop learning! :)

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