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When the RDO is on leave, in the meeting and ARDO, CAS refused to talk to you...

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Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa

In this video, ETM suggested a real solution to the problem of ARDO and CAS who knowingly refused to deliver the needed government services that you are requesting citing the the RDO is not in town... Know the proper actions to be undertaken and the penalties that can be imposed to the omission being perpetuated by the said revenue officers... Report the malfeasance, misfeasance or non feasance of any revenue officers (From the BIR Chief down to the Security Guard of the BIR) by way of COMMENTING THEM ALL under this video... So that ETM may prepare a video that discussed the cause and effect of such actions and the proper reaction to the same actions. Thanks for watching... PLEASE CREATE A FAN PAGE ACCOUNT AND INVITE/MAKE ETM as its ADMIN so that all his LIVE VIDEOs may be simulcated in your own FAN Page which may help your viewers understand what you are selling to them....blic Act 11032 to your advantage, how to be a co-producer of ETM's livestreaming events, how to avail self and friends FREE 2019 Tax Amnesty on Delinquencies or 2019 Estate Tax Amnesty and later on, be an ETM's Tax Assistant, Franchisee, Licensor or Business Partner, use or RMO 53-2010 and many more... You are invited to attend his INTRO TO TX ACCOUNTING so that you may avoid the repeat of no-entry BOOKS of accounts this year. Thanks for watching

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Today's business and tax environment is increasingly complex, there are more and more demands for transparency, tax departments are under pressure to be more effective and highly qualified professionals can be hard to obtain.

Fast forward to 2015, a little over a decade since. I get work that will pay me P60k, a major feat really for a freelancer. Before this, I was never asked for a receipt by the places I write for, and they’d tell me they were filing my taxes for me. Withholding tax, my payslips said. I had no reason to disbelieve it.

In the past, I wouldn’t even earn enough to be required to file my taxes. In the past, which is to say before this version of the BIR.

Getting back into the grid didn’t seem like a big deal to me – even as I believe it to be an injustice for freelancers like me who were being treated as “self-employed.”

When we checked if I could get myself those receipts, the BIR revealed that I had open cases from that old business, and since 2005, they have been charging me monthly for failing to close my books with their office.

Which means they are charging me now, for a business that closed down 11 years ago. They are charging me for a business that has been closed down since 2004, which has a business address that has ceased to exist – the building was sold and destroyed in 2006.

The BIR is charging me P60 thousand pesos as of June 2015. Exactly the same amount I’m supposed to get if and when I finally get my BIR receipt for this rare editing gig.

It’s like I’m earning this much for the first time, after a decade of blood sweat tears as freelancer, and all of it will go the BIR.

Someone help me!

Instead of kindness
That is of course if I get my pay check at all, given the BIR’s refusal to give me a receipt.

A lawyer-friend says that I should not have any problem getting receipts – the BIR should not stop anyone from wanting to be part of the tax system. And really, no tax office should keep any person from claiming their pay checks.

Yet here I am, unable to claim a check because the BIR refuses to give me my receipts until I pay the P60k in penalties. I am being told I have no choice but to pay, never mind that I absolutely contest these penalties.

I contest it on the grounds that if the BIR tried at all, they would find that all material conditions point to the fact of that business having closed down in 2004, the building demolished in 2006. In the two years it was open, it was always break even. It closed down with no profits.

I’d like to think that this story is no different for many small businesses in the country, and one wonders why this tax office can’t be kinder.

An example of kindness: I hold a Certificate of No Business from the Quezon City Hall. I imagine this is because instead of operating on charging people for businesses that might be long gone, this local government unit decided to operate on kindness. When they computerized their system, they presumed that if a business permit has not been renewed for a stretch of time, this means the business has closed down.

Plain and simple. And kind. (Thank you, Herbert Bautista and Sonny Belmonte!)

After all, why charge a business that has since closed down, for not declaring that it has closed down?

Why charge people every month for failing to close their books with the BIR? When material conditions, common sense, compassion would point to the possibility that this business has closed down, and therefore the books are also closed?

Someone help me!

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