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Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa

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ACTION MAN | "The X Factor"
Season 02, Episode 01
Written by Phil Harnage

First aired on 6 January 1996

Action Man helps Knuck investigate his nephew Tom who has been involved in Gangrene's X-Vitamin steroid tests. Action Man tricks Dr. X into destroying Gangrene's lab and prevents him from putting the X-Vitamin into the city's water supply.

Live Action Mission: Disrupt Blockage in Lake Ontario, Canada. Team Mate on Radio: Action 3 (Natalie)

Action Man's end-of-episode lesson: Drugs

Mark Griffin as Action Man
Rolf Leenders as Doctor X
Joely Collins as Natalie Poole
Dale Wilson as Knuck Williams
Iris Quinn as Vira
Richard Cox as Jacques
David Hay as Professor Gangrene
Garry Chalk as Secretary Norris

Nigel Bennett, Lisa Bunting, Christopher Gaze, Chris Humphreys, David Morse, Colin Murdock, Rick Poltaruk, Simon Pidgeon, William Samples, Devon Sawa, Paulina Gillis, Tracey-Lee Smyth, Ingrid Tesch

This unscanctioned upscale is a labor of love. A lot of attention has been given to bring this series to you in all its glory. The live action sequences were difficult to upscale, as the original quality is not so great. However, the animation is nice and crisp. I hope that this brings you back many happy memories of your childhood... ACTION MAN, THE GREATEST HERO OF THEM ALL!

60mbps H.265 HEVC AI upscale from DVD, rendered at 4K60fps.

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