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Corn Cheese Ice Drop | Popsicle recipe | How to make ice pop (summer business)

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Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa
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Ice Drop is a Filipino version of Ice Pop. And like ice pop is has a variety of flavors. You can experiment and create your own flavor. It can be fruits, Chocolate, milk or combination. The very common flavors are chocolate, buko, cheese, ube, mango, and durian. This is very ideal in summer because this frozen and sweet. Ice Drop is very easy to make just mix everything, mold it and freeze it. A very simple way to beat summer heat.

Corn Cheese Ice Drop


370ml KremQueso
180g cheese, grated
250g whole kernel corn
4 cups white sugar
3 liters water
1 cup cassava starch
3 cups water(for cassava starch)

we need:

6 oz plastic cups
popsicle sticks


1) In a bowl combine cassava starch and 3 cups water. Mix well and set aside
2) In a big kawa/pot pour 3 liters of water
3) Add white sugar. Dissolve sugar and bring to a boil
4) Add KremQueso and cassava starch-water mixture
5) Add whole kernel corn
6) Continue stirring the mixture and cook for 10 min.
7) Turn the heat off. Add grated cheese and mix well
8) Let it cool down to lukewarm
9) Pour mixture into the cups
10)Insert the popsicle stick in the center
11) Freeze for 6-8 mins.

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