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Making Argao Torta | Cebuano Timeless Traditions

2 Views· 04/16/20
Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa
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The Torta sa Argao is a source of pride in this southern Cebu municipality. This is a sweet and tangy pastry that is considerably larger than a typical cupcake. The bits of sugar and grated cheese or raisins are testaments to the sweet tooth of the residents of this heritage town in the south.

While there are a number of recipes in making the Torta sa Argao, all of these recipes share some basic ingredients, like egg yolk, pork lard, sugar, salt, and fresh tuba. The tuba or fermented coconut is used in place of yeast. It is typically cooked using a native oven called hudnonan or a hot clay furnace. Some people say the Torta sa Argao is similar to the ensaymada, but the addition of its key ingredient, the tuba, gives the treat its distinctive flavor.


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